Make Past Rent Count

Use 24 Months of Rent History to Boost Your Credit Score

The fastest way to boost your credit score is to make your past rental history count. If you’ve paid your rent on time for the last 12 – 24 months, that information on your credit report will instantly give you a positive payment history and could boost your credit score.

Rent Accelerator Gives You Instant Credit History

Raising your credit score is normally a very slow process. Most people work on it by getting credit (at a very high-interest rate) and spending months or years making payments on time. With Rent Accelerator, we can cut that time down to 5 – 7 days!

Keep Your Score Up with Monthly Rental Reporting

While the initial 24-month history creates an instant boost, creditors want to see an ongoing pattern of good payment history. Rent Accelerator can report your rent payment every month, for as long as you rent. Any creditor checking your report can see that you’ve been paying your rent on time for years, and are current as of right now.

It costs just $39.95 to join and $9.95 per month!
Get up to 24 months of past rent history and credit for every month going forward!

How much will your score increase?

No one can guarantee how much your score will increase because the credit bureau does not publish their formula. However, a positive payment history can only have a positive impact. The longer the history, the more it will impact your score.

Keep in mind, we have no control over what other information is in your credit report. All your financial activity, over many years, is figured in to generate your score. So if you have a lot of negative history, you can’t expect your positive rent payments to improve your score as much as they would if you have no history or a somewhat positive history.

No credit history? We can help you the most!

If there’s nothing on your credit report, it’s a blank slate! Adding your positive rent history will have the most impact. You will go from zero history to two years of only positive history! That looks great to creditors!