Property Managers

Easily Attract Better Tenants with Rent Accelerator

What is Rent Accelerator?

We have created a way to reward good tenant’s behavior, and attract more like them to your property.

In short, Rent Accelerator provides tenants with an incentive to pay their rent on time by reporting their payment history to the credit bureau.

Tenants are highly motivated to change their situation — and that’s to your advantage. By advertising our services, you attract tenants looking to prove themselves.

They pay you on-time every month, we report that to the credit bureau, and everyone wins.

How Rent Accelerator Works:
  1. Tenant signs up here
  2. We verify the property(takes less than 5 minutes!)
  3. We collect rent history for the tenant and then continue to report their payments monthly.
  4. Your tenants enjoy the benefit of a better credit score, and you enjoy the benefits of highly motivated and dependable tenants.
  5. Our service is FREE to property managers and landlords.
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