Property Manager Benefits

Only 17% of property managers report rent to the three major credit bureaus, even though two-thirds are aware of the possible benefits to them, according to a Transunion study. Almost three-quarters of renters surveyed by Transunion said they would be more likely to make their payments on time, while two-thirds said they would choose the apartment that offered rent reporting over a similar one that didn’t. More than half would like to have their rent reported. By advertising our services, you attract tenants looking to prove themselves. They pay you on-time every month, we report that to the credit bureau, and its a win-win for everyone.
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Tenants sign up

Sign-up only takes a few minutes. All you need is your tenant's ID, a copy of their lease and your contact info.


We send you a Verification of Rent. Once we get that back we'll notify your tenant that their rent is ready for upload to TransUnion and Equifax.


Your tenant's rental history and current rent payment are verified and added to their credit report. Most tenants see a score increase in 14 days or less.


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